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Effective governance comes from thoughtful leaders who are empowered to run

Candidate Preparation at Scale

What we do

We train thoughtful leaders everywhere to run for office successfully and govern effectively.

Why we do it

We wish to see American politics rooted in civic engagement and responsive, evidence-based policymaking – the foundation of effective governance. This vision is dependent on who we elect to office and how they will govern. Voters have limited input. Most of the 520,000 elected offices nationwide are not significantly contested. Many good people are interested in pursuing these offices, but most won’t run because they consider themselves unprepared for the race or the job. Those who do run are often not equipped or motivated to advance good governance. We can prepare good candidates with the right training at large scale.

Who we focus on

We design our service for thoughtful leaders. We believe good political leaders are ‘thoughtful’ in two ways: they have a desire to serve others and an ability to think critically.

We support diverse candidates. Effective governance benefits from reflective government, with leaders who collectively understand the lived experience of the full community it serves.

Where we focus

Of the over half a million seats nationwide, we focus on the 99%+ that are down-ballot: state legislative and municipal seats. These positions have incredible tangible impact on our lives and are where the vast majority of first time candidates will start and anchor their perspective of “how to be a politician” for the rest of their public career. We help candidates establish best practices in their first race.

How we do it & more


Dr. Steven Sinha

Founder & CEO

Benjamin Oaks

VP, Strategy

Graham Mortensen

Policy & Communications Associate

Board of Directors

Dr. Nina Hasen

Dr. Genevieve Maricle

Dr. Steven Sinha

Project & Organizational Support